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A fibreglass interior is Sparkling, as the mere nature of the product shimers a radiant sparkle with a colour range of Blues, Greens, Yellows and at your request many other custom colours are available.


The practical advantages of fibreglass lining to your Existing Pool are plentiful.

Various preparations allow us to fibreglass existing pools, ie: finishes such as, MARBLESHEEN, CONCRETE, PAINTS, AND FIBREGLASS (even with osmosis) are readily handled and because of its non porous qualities it resists the adhesion of algae growth, leaf an many other stains.

This eliminates excessive use of chemicals to treat the pool water, which in turn means the upkeep of the pool is considerably less, also because of the finish, Vacuuming and sweeping are more effectively carried out.


The cost of a Fibreglass interior lining on your pool is NOT expensive when you compare it with the life span of inferior products.

Should you decide to Fibreglass the interior of your pool we are sure you will be another of our many happy customers.

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